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Banjo Our Mascot

Our Founder and Chairman Patrick first met Banjo in the summer of 2010 in the field next to a local village Pub where Banjo and Patrick slowly built up a bond after Patrick finished work.

However, due to a relocation requirement Banjo's owner was no longer in a position to be able to care for Banjo, and approached Patrick for help knowing the bond they had built up. Patrick pulling out all the stops, found himself caring for Banjo personally and the bond between them grew. (It was from here that the concept of Horse 4 Life became a reality)

After two years on loan Banjo's owner was in a position to offer Banjo a home. It was a sad time for Patrick having to say goodbye, however the now founded Horse 4 Life Trustees knew that he would be happy and Patrick agreed.

Sadly, after two months of Banjo`s departure, Patrick was contacted by the family of Banjo's owner with the tragic news that his owner had passed away suddenly and Banjo was alone 300 miles away.

Patrick and the Horse 4 Life Trustees sprung into action to ensure Banjo was supported as best we could under difficult and tragic circumstances and offered a Horse 4 Life forever home.

Banjo's owner always knew how happy Banjo was during his stay with Patrick, and her family felt that she would have wanted Banjo to return to his care. The Horse 4 Life trustees sprung into action and commissioned transport to bring Banjo home, and on Tuesday 17th January, 2012 Banjo arrived at our stables and officially became the Horse 4 Life Mascot.

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