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CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak is making great strides and progressive movement forward. The movie trailer(s) produced to date have screened around the world and covered by international news organizations with precedent-setting media coverage, including China, the mecca of the notorious fur trade and one of the world’s largest suppliers of animal skins.

The trailers alone have garnered tremendous support around the globe for the film and its message, ensuring a solid foundation for worldwide distribution. Important strategic alliances have been made globally with organizations that are directly working to end this barbaric industry.

The success of the new movie trailer in bringing the largely unknown cat and dog fur trade into the international spotlight has gained the attention of the international media community. The trailer was also translated with Chinese subtitles for our strategic partner, ACTAsia for Animals, for their groundbreaking "No Fur China" campaign, which was promoted throughout Asia (including Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and Korea), as well as Europe, the UK and the US, with significant results.

Most recently, the trailer was exhibited in a Movie Theater Screening in Shenzhen, China on Valentine's Day 2014, in an important event for ACTAsia’s precedent-setting “Fur Free Life” Campaign. “The movie trailer has already made a great influence” according to Pei Su, Founder and Executive Director of ACTAsia for Animals.

If a trailer alone can achieve this level of success, imagine the significant impact of a completed documentary! This critical film is an investment in humanity and the lives of countless animals around the world who suffer agonizing deaths in silence every day.

Please join and share our Facebook Event and consider a contribution to this vitally important film, which needs your support. Every contribution counts and is needed to keep production efforts going. Together, we can and will create transformational change.

Thank you for your support on behalf of the animals and humanity on our planet.

Kathleen Lowson, Director
CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can't Speak

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"Cry of the Innocent: The Voices that Can’t Speak is a monumental film and call to action that is a magnificent contribution to the animal rights movement." - Dr. Shenita Etwaroo


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