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Launch of New Store to Help Animals


We are excited to launch our new store on behalf of nonhumans around the globe! Bring in the New Year spreading the message for the welfare of animals and be the change that you wish to see.

Through visual art, our custom-designed products align with our humanitarian mission to awaken the collective consciousness. All proceeds from the sale of our products support our vitally important work on behalf of nonhumans and the evolution of humanity toward sustainable change.


Happy Holidays to all our supporters on behalf of the Cry of the Innocent, whose voices can only be heard with your voice!

“The energy of soul that breathes life into this universe is within ALL life.  It is nothing less than life itself.  It is simply a matter of awakening in consciousness to this truth.  Then the nonhuman species will finally be freed and the world will know peace.” - Director, CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak

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