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We will be speaking and screening our film at the 2018 Animal Rights National Conference being held June 28 - July 1 and need your help to cover costs for attending this important conference!

We will be exposing the unlawful practices of the international fur trade which imposes the cruelest methods of murder known to mankind, including electrocution and skinning alive, and has the least protections of animals of any industry bar none. Eradicating the fur industry is the lynchpin to the source of animal cruelty because it addresses the source of egotism in our society, which underlies the killing of animals in all industries, and is the catalyst for sustainable social change.

Contributions can be made via our website

We rely on donations to do this work. Please contribute what you can to help! Every donation counts.

Thank you for your support on behalf of the animals. Silence will not protect them.

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