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Newsletter Update


As an animal advocacy movement, we use the power of media to expose the truth of animal cruelty in our society, as well as promote petitions for the mandate of congressional bills for animal rights. We have been fighting for the rights and welfare of animals around the world for over two decades in support of the mission.

Our critically acclaimed Documentary Film Short Series exposes the truth behind the veil of the fur industry, bringing its evil practices out of the obscure abyss into the universal spotlight. We must give rise to the indivisible TRUTH to usher in the AWAKENING. Silence will not protect them. Our films expose the truth from a deeper level to move society to see with the 'eyes of the soul.' Any lesser remedy is akin to applying a bandage to a severed limb. We cannot cure the disease unless we heal the source. No other means can save them.

For more info, see our Newsletter Update:

We rely on the patronage of the humanitarian community to support our work for the billions of animals around the globe who are systematically murdered for human greed. Please speak your voice by making a donation on behalf of our fellow earthlings, who want to live and do not deserve to die. We are their only hope.

Thank you for your support of our work on their behalf.


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