We are an animal activist movement using the power of media to expose the truth behind the veil of animal cruelty in industry. We have been fighting for the rights and welfare of animals around the world for over two decades. We have forged important strategic alliances with animal welfare organizations around the globe in support of the mission. 

We are arbiters for the #UniversalRightToLife on behalf of the nonhuman species, spreading the message for social change through the power of media, as well as promoting petitions for the mandate of congressional bills for animal rights, and bringing perpetrators to justice.

The mission of our media work on behalf of nonhuman animals around the globe is to expose the truth to set them free and be their voice. Their cries for mercy and pleas for life are unheard by a society that perceives the villosity of skin with a disparate separateness and perception of inequality, which bears no rights or moral invocation. They are worthy of life because they were born: All life is sacred.

Our critically acclaimed Documentary Film Short Series exposes the truth behind the veil of industry, bringing the fur trade out of the obscure abyss into the international spotlight.  Our films have received international press coverage and reviews from organizations and individuals around the globe.  The most significant breakthrough was breaking down the iron curtain of media control in China, a communist dictatorship, which maintains strict controls on speech, assembly, and belief. China is the world's largest exporter of animal skins and the mecca of the dog and cat fur trade, and has no federal humane laws to protect animals.  Our film on the cat and dog fur trade achieved precedent-setting news coverage in China, where clips from our film were shown on a top television news channel.  This television broadcast was groundbreaking, as animal cruelty is a very sensitive issue in China and mention of animal welfare issues is relatively non-existent. The film’s exposure of the cat and dog fur trade in China to the international community was unsurpassed.

We reply on the patronage of our donors to support our work.  Every donation counts. Thank you for standing with us on behalf of our fellow earthlings, who want to live and do not deserve to die.  We are their only  hope.

Please visit our website for more info and to make a donation if you are able. 

Our media work shines a light onto the darkness so that evil can no longer hide and the soul of humanity can awaken.

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