Stories of the Wrongfully Convicted

Hello friends of P.A.W.C. - Our goal is to bring awareness to the thousands of innocent people currently sitting in America's prisons for crimes they did not commit. I would like to share as many of those stories as possible so people are aware of the gravity…Read More

Online Donations Now Available

Hello friends! We are now able to accept online donations via Paypal. Please donate to help us attain Non-Profit status. Once funding has been established, 100% of proceeds will go to funding defense attorneys, private investigators, DNA testing and more for…Read More

Sharing Brings Awareness

Greetings friends! We cannot bring attention to the plight of wrongful convictions if people are not aware of it. Most people are under the false impression that innocent people cannot be in prison, convicted of crimes and even on death row for crimes they…Read More

Welcome friends and supporters!

Greetings friends and supporters! I apologize for the delay in posting... for some reason I was having difficulty getting the site to work. Hopefully, I have fixed the issue now and will start getting alot of important information out to you guys. In the…Read More


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