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Update on October 28, 2012

I have re-named this petition as well as this cause, from "all adults with autism" to "all Persons with autism" to the fact that part of my petition calls for fully funding the 2011 Combating Autism Re-Authorization Act, signed into law by President Obama in Spectember of that year, but never appropriated. That legislation was inteneded for support services for children and young people with autism. The rest of the petition calls for the re-newal of expired funds that were set aside for autism projects in 2012 ad which were expired. So this petition calls for their re-newal but also for thse $$$ to be re-allocated to provide much-needed and currently non-existent support services for adults with autism in the US. Thus, this petition truly covers all persons with autism in the US. So all of you in the autism community (who love or know someone with autism, who work with those with autism or who have suspected or diagnosed autism) need to support this cause. If you do not count yourself as an "insider" in this community, your support is very much valued!

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