Approximately how many people have autism spectrum disorders (ASD)?

1 out of 1000 (11% people answered this) 1 out of 500 (10% people answered this) 1 out of 100 (30% people answered this) 1 out of 50 (31% people answered this) We don't know. (16% people answered this) 60 people answered. ---------- Correct…Read More

Share Your Stories!

I'm inviting everyone to share your stories! You can share about your own experiences, whether you are a parent of an autistic child, you are on the spectrum yourself, or you have worked with autistic individuals, whether on a paid or volunteer basis. Also,…Read More

Wrongfully Convicted & Charged

Supporters of the autism community who are supporting the autism petition in this campaign: Here is another petition I have been asked to seek your support for.

Medical Boards condoning falsifying medical records to cover up errors is barbaric!

This is a general cause but it is one that affects lives and must be stopped and demands support from all of us; please sign this petition and get others to sign…Read More

protect guide dogs for the blind

Service animals are unique in that their owners' very lives rest in the hands of these vital animals. I urge each one of you to sign and share this petition and advocate for those in the general disability community. Thank…Read More

Don't Balance the Budget on the Backs of Children

THis petition is for a cause much bigger than autism but this will affect children in our community also. Also as citizens it is our moral obligation to care for ALL children, not just those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I urge every one of you…Read More

Be prepared for an emergency

I know that this is not specfic to autism or my petition, but we in the autism community need to pay attention to this as much as everyone else does. So I call on all of you to take this pledge with me and you may save a…Read More
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