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Approximately how many people have autism spectrum disorders (ASD)?

  • 1 out of 1000 (11% people answered this)
  • 1 out of 500 (10% people answered this)
  • 1 out of 100 (30% people answered this)
  • 1 out of 50 (31% people answered this)
  • We don't know. (16% people answered this)

60 people answered.


Correct answer is: We don't know.

People are being diagnosed with ASD every day and the numbers are rising. However, the true number of ASD people may NEVER be known, as there are many adults in the "lost generation" have had severely limited access to diagnostic services, plus youth in underprivileged communities are less likely to get autism workups. This inflates the REAL numbers!


To appeal to the US Congress and to the US President to fully fund the 2011 Combating Autism Re-Authorization Act & to release the proposed $693; To appeal to the US Congress & to the US President to re-new the expired (in September 2012) $238 unspecified autism funds & re-allocate the $$$ for support services for adults with autism. This is a $931 in $$$ set aside for autism! From birth to ages 18-21, autistic children are entitled to autism diagnostic and treatment services by law. However, there are many children and teens from low-income and minority families who fall between the cracks for diagnostic and support services and who would benefit from the full funding of the Combating Autism Re-Authorization Act of 2011. However, autistic adults, including adults with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorders, are not entitled to any further diagnostic or treatment or support services period. Most professionals and agencies that serve autistic children and teens, are can't/won't work with autistic adults because of lack of training. A whopping 70 percent (or higher) of autistic adults are not employed. Job traing and funds for small business loans should be released so that autistic adults can learn the social skills and life skills that keep so many out of the work force. Autism is a lifelong disability and most autistic adults need support to be successful. And with the unique strenths that all autistic adults have, many should be able to contribute to society and their communities. We need to appeal to those in power to act on behalf of this population to stem the tide of dependency on goverment assistance, homelessness and even crime stemming from untreated or undiagnosed autism in adults. The re-newal and re-allocation of the unspecified $238 autism expired $$$ (as of September 2012), would serve as a start to providing adults with autism more support than most have ever had.

While there are some programs for children with ASD, they will eventually "age out" of government funded programs when they reach 18. We need more programs that support adults with ASD. Please sign the petition, "Release Funds for Services for Adults With Autism to each of the 50 states."

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