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Update on November 01, 2012

Thank you to each of you who have signed this petition. You may or may not have noticed that I have this same petition also launched on Originally, on both of these sites hosting this petition, I have not specified where the $$$ are to come from and I called for thse $$$ to cover adults with autism. More recently, with research, I have discovered that funds do exist for autism. The Combating Autism Re-authorization Act of 2011 has never been appropriated though it has been signed into law. And, this year 2012, additional $$$ were set aside for autism but expired in September of this year; my petition, on both and Causes, calls for the appropriation of the Combating Autism Re-Authorization Act, and calls for the additional $$$ to be renewed and then reallocated to cover adults with autism. So, now my petition, both on Causes and on, is now more inclusive and more specific. So, consider not only signing my petition on Causes and sending out invites to others to sign. When you get a chance, consider signing my petition at and using its "share" options to circulate it @ Every signature counts! Together we all can make a difference!

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