To bring attention to the general public the extreme needs of local food banks to service their communities.

1 in 4 children in the USA will face food scarcity this summer because of lack of school lunches and breakfasts. 1 in 4.

We would like you to accept the challenge to donate one useful item a week or five per month to your local food bank. Please don't donate garbage like cranberry sauce, pie filling, strange salad dressings, etc. People need nutritious food, like meat, fruit, veggies, peanut butter and other daily staples. Other great ideas are children's lunch items like tuna, soups. canned spaghetti and other ready to eat pastas. If you would eat it, so will they.

I don't know about you, but that hurts my soul and blows my mind. The following essay deals with the numbers, and some ideas of how to help. Even if it is taking home grown produce to your local food banks. Do something.

"Sometimes the smallest actions are all that's needed. As Mother Theresa said, "If you can't feed one hundred people, feed just one."

For more information on Childhood hunger right here in the USA, please read the article at the link below: