Infanticide Repeal: Update.

Good work team: Repeal Infanticide was launched a few months ago and we have nearly 500 new members... This tells me that the people that have joined are thoughtful, unselfish , loving, caring individuals who love others as much, or more, than they do…Read More

Education on extended care facilities

Because end of life experiences are supposed to be your dreams !

Help Men Against Prostitution And Trafficking Fight Illicit Images on Facebook

ALL FUNDS RAISED ARE USED TO: - Improve and strengthening State and Federal Legislation - Educate State and Federal lawmakers - Mobilize the global public to demand justice - Challenge all those who are complicit in the crimes of prostitution and human…Read More

Tell Facebook To Defend The World's Children

There are over 1,400 illicit images of children on the Facebook through closed "groups," fake profiles, "special events," "interests," and "likes" created by predators who then trade and share extremely illicit images of abused children. Gary Ratchford ,…Read More


To The Ombudsman/Department of Child Safety,& all related organisations/Government Departments INTERNATIONALLY. This page posts vile, sick,inhumane comments,in reference to raping/molesting babies & young…Read More

Cannabis Cures Cancer Awareness Week

We wish you safety and health in the years to come. Merry Christmas! gary

SIGN the Sandy Hook Global Sympathy Card

Express your sympathies to all the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School by signing ! thanks , garylee
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