Early Neutering Myth Busted by Dr Mercola

From the article: By Dr. Becker If you Google the term "benefits of spaying," you'll get tens of thousands of results, many of which list protection against mammary neoplasia (breast cancer) as a benefit of early spaying of female dogs. In fact, according…Read More

Justice for Mary - innocent GSD poisoned to death.

Watch this news video about Verichip who is lying about their microchips

Watch this news video about the dangerous microchip which is being implanted into dogs and potentially humans too.

Help Our Cause Grow.. Government does not want to budge!

Please help our cause grow, because the Maltese government is refusing to consider the overwhelming scientific evidence against microchipping.. Help our cause to grow, by recruiting your friends. Kindly invite your friends to join this cause like you did.
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