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Dear Nassau County School District: As a parent of a student attending school in your district, I demand that you provide an "alternative" program for students who refuse to follow the rules.
When a student is abused by another student why is he expected to change his schedule? Whey does he have to be escorted to classes? Why does he have to be home-schooled. Why is this happening?
Why do you continually put good students in danger by allowing violent students to attend classes at the normal schools? Who's right's are being violated? The innocent's rights! Why don't you expel violent students? Tell me, is it going to take another student to receive a concussion, for you to do something?
Why don't you expel students who are caught doing drugs with their mother in your bathrooms?
Why do you allow children to bring recording devices on to school property when you know they are being used to promote violence?
Why aren't there camera's installed in your schools?
Why haven't you complied with the State of Florida's requirements to implement the new Anti-Bullying policy?
Why hasn't the state of Florida come after you to comply?
Why do I have to write a letter like this to get your attention?
Why? Why? Why?

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