Second Hand Smoke especially dangerous on our little Children and Family Pets..

Fact: Babies and children breath faster and tend to take in more harmful chemicals for their size than adults. Fact: Babies and Children are still in stages of their immune systems being developed and not strong enough to protect them from tabacco…Read More

Canadian LUNG HEALTH Test ( if you are over 40 and smoke or use to smoke, you may already have COPD) Point to Ponder...

Please tell your loved one or friend if they smoke or were around secondhand smoke to take the following test to screen for systoms of COPD..... 1. Do you cough regulary ......yes or no 2. Do you cough up phlegm regularly....yes or no 3. Do even simple…Read More

NO amount of secondhand smoke is safe.... TODAY'S POINT TO PONDER

Fact: when you are around a person who is smoking, you inhale the same dangerous chemicals as he or she does. Fact: there is no safe amount of secondhand smoke. Children,pregnant women, older people, and people with heart and or breathing peoblems should…Read More

COPD Changes Your World.....

COPD changes relationships in your life. Your spouse, your family, your friends, and co-workers. The sad but true part of this disease- is that the emotional side is as hard as the physical side. This Disease causes the airways of the lungs to be inflamed…Read More

Let's work together to help save lives from COPD LUNG DISEASE...

Thanks for joining my cause as you all know I have COPD. I struggle every day to breath and to remain active as much as I can.. COPD is known as a smokers Disease. If you have a love one who smokes please help them quit! I was a smoker as well around alot of…Read More

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