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Whither Privacy Rights in 2013?

Now taking comments: should this group broaden or narrow its' scope? We banded together to oppose what Congress was up to but right now the focus has shifted.

Causes allows a name change. Maybe we could broaded our scope to privacy rights, individual rights to privacy vis a vis for instance electronic marketing such as occurs when we swipe our cards at the superrmarket and generalized Government Surveillance.

Another area of concern in which there is some expertise on this network may be the possibility of the government using online privacy violations and similar intrustions in conjunction with say human micro chipping. There is even concern that there may be a declaration of martial law the next time there is a mutated flu pandemic in which government computers will sniff out your human micro chip to see if you had a vaccine or not...road blocks, etc.

Obviously there has to be good attention to ethics and group consensus before any change of scope can be made. But this group has not been particularly active so it is time for a change. Please let your views be known on my FB messaging or at my email thefluguru AT (SPAM BLOCK) g mail (DOTCOM) Thank you for your patintce.

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