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CISPA legislation passed and now threatens our civil liberties.

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Congress should pass legislation to:

- Make it illegal for government, private employers and school to access personal accounts or devices that are password protected.

- Make it illegal for government, private employers and schools, directly or indirectly, to require, request, suggest, or cause any student, employee or prospective employee to provide Facebook passwords, or any other private material.

- Make it illegal for employers to require or pressure employees to permit access to private material in other ways, including indirect routes such as by inviting them to join private social networks (i.e., "friending" them).

- Make it illegal for employers to discharge, discipline, or otherwise penalize any employee who refuses to provide access to private materials, or to threaten to do so. It should also be illegal for prospective employees to refuse to hire anyone for that reason.

- Generally limit employee monitoring to work-related activities. Employers should be required to give notice to employees of the type of monitoring that they plan to do, when that monitoring will happen, who will be monitored, and where and/or how the monitoring will take place. Employers should also be required to keep records on their monitoring activities, make those records available to employees, and offer opportunities for employees to challenge any information gathered from that monitoring (some states such as Michigan and Illinois already have such statutes).

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