Bringing Marriage Equality to Georgia.
In 2004, an amendment was attached to the Georgia Constitution which bans the legalizing of same-gendered marriages throughout the state. The result is that an estimated 2 million committed couples and families in Georgia are denied the common respect, the privileges and protections of over 100 state rights and 1138 federal rights currently available to heterosexual couples and families under the law.
A government which is financially supported in part by the tax dollars of its LGBT citizens has done this to them. A government that has been defended and protected by the sacrificing military services of its courageous Lesbian and Gay citizens long before it allowed them to be recognized with dignity has also done this to them. If this can happen to some of us, don’t think it cannot also happen to any of us should there be anything about you which misaligns you with the majority.
This ought to be an outrage and an embarrassment to all Georgians who love Love and love equality, justice and common respect for all people. This cannot and will not be allowed to stand and is the reason we are currently organizing our powers for “true” righteousness to abolish such a cruel and abusive amendment which serves no purpose and has no effect other than to lessen the status and human dignity of our Gay and Lesbian friends and families by telling them in so many words under the law that they and their love and their families do not matter and is not worthy of respect and equal rights. There is nothing loving, friendly nor respectful about discrimination and all fair, decent and loving individuals ought to actively oppose it. So we ask that you stand up NOW for LOVE and like www.facebook.com/LoveUnderFire to find out how you can raise your voices with ours in unison for “Liberty and Justice for ALL!”