Happy Mothers Day From SSD Lucca & Sgt. Beyco

Happy Mothers Day and Remembrance to those who have passed such as mine God bless. Please take a little time to read and amazing story of USMC SSD Lucca K458 here http://www.salem-news.com/articles/may022013/lucca-usmc-cat.php and if you feel her…Read More

We Support SSD Lucca Purple Heart Recipient

Join us in supporting & voting for LUCCA at www.herodogawards.org/contestants?nominee=84128943 and read her remarkable story and Like her page at www.facebook.com/luccak458 this is truly a Military Dog HERO NO DOUBT Thanks Semper Fi Tella friend or family…Read More

All Military Dogs are Heroes and Have Stories

Our good Buddy Marine SSD Lucca needs Facebook Likes on her Page at www.facebook.com/luccak458 also watch this Video for her www.youtube.com/watch?=vGoQRNyVJIZg All Military Dogs are Heroes and have stories Of Courage, Sacrifice and Service so anytime we can…Read More

What A Military Dog Hero is all about SSD Lucca K458!!!!

www.facebook.com/luccak458 come on join her I promise you will fall in love with this K9 Hero Learn her amazing story of Courage and determination and please share. She needs Facebook Likes Thanks Semper Fi  

Marine Hero K9 Lucca

Meet Lucca K458 she needs friends on her FB page and you can learn her remarkable Story their Support a true  Military Dog Hero. Thanks go to www.facebook.com/luccak458 tell her Sgt MWD Beyco sent you Semper Fi and thanks for supporting Military Working Dogs…Read More

Sign For Our Canines We Need you!!!

Please go here and sign this Petition read it Sen John McCain has turned his back on our Military Dogs more info at www.causes.com/actions/1717202 Please be their Voice and tell Sen McCain to re think his position and give them the Honor they deserve SIGN…Read More

"Sign for the K9's " We need only a signature Please SIGN

Hi Joe Kelly Sturm Sgt Beyco my Military K9 and I ran this page for our K9 Friend Dep Jynx . I would like to invited you to "Sign for the K9's" a petition for our President to Sign our Military Working Dogs "Canine members of The Armed Forces Act wick Passed…Read More
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