Show support for returning veterans with PTSD/Brain Injuty

Penfield, NY neighbors fighing against Veterans Home being opened.
At its meeting Thursday, the Penfield Zoning Board of Appeals elected to table a vote on CDS Monarch's application to operate a Warrior Salute Home on Embury Road. The decision was a shock to the program sponsors. "For more than 34 years CDS Monarch, our people with developement disabilities, have had to fight for the right to live in their community, but I never thought our veterans would have the same fight today," said CDS Monarch President and CEO Sankar Sewnauth.

'A blend of area residents and representatives from the Rochester Christian School, which is located across the street, raised safety concerns at the meeting. "It just smacks of not in my backyard," said Retired Major General Robert Mixon, Jr. "We had comments like, I really love veterans and what you're doing with Warrior Salute, but I'd rather you did it somewhere else."'(http://rochesterhomepage.net/fulltext?nxd_id=313772)