To remind people the importants of LOVE.

Affairs Of The Heart, an event designed by Founder of the Peace Action Collaborative (PAC) John F. Rouse, will be presented during a two week period in February and is indented to be an energetic catalyst to increase romantic as well as moral behavior in couples. This event is merely an initial step in PAC’s planned efforts to reach out to individuals and neighborhoods on behalf of peacemaking in Rochester.

There is no coincidence that I chose to unveil this project in February and tie it into the theme of Valentine’s Day. After all, one thing that most people can identify with on one relationship level or anoreth is Love. Love and Peace clearly are a couple. They always dance with one another and they always have something planned for the future.

Affairs Of The Heart was inspired by the movie Sleepless In Seattle starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. In the movie they are to meet at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, in the movie, the Empire State Building projects a heart of light on that day. Benderson Development Company LLC does something similar, here in Rochester, during Christmas with a Christmas Tree Light.

PAC has partnered with Benderson Development Company LLC for what promises to be a frequently discussed and highly publicized event.

Begining on Friday, February 1st 2013, using lighting from a design, PAC will project a large heart upon One HSBC Plaza. The heart will be formed by the lighting set up in the building creating a symbol of Love and Peace. Between February 1st and February 13th requests will be taken by PAC from anyone in the community who would like to publicly propose marriage, restate vows of love or get married on Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day February 14th 2013, the window in the center of the heart will have the shade open so that one can clearly view anything happening through the window.

Inside the building a place will be set up right in front of the window. This is where the proposals and vows will take place.

Thanks to Indymedia who is also collaborating with PAC, an additional camera will be outside the window where both the heart of lights and the couple will be in the camera frame and wedding proposals or restating of vows will both be viewed by the public from the walkway while also being aired live via the Internet.

During the two weeks leading up to the Valentine’s Day grand finale, John Rouse will be holding an open discussion each week before, about the affairs of the community’s hearts.

The discussions,which are free and open to the public, will essentially consist of a short presentation about the intentions and goals of PAC followed by input from the community on what they wfeel is needed for Love’s success.

The discussions will be held at across the community.

For More Information Contact:

John F. Rouse
Peace Action Collaborative Coordinator
[email protected]