Unite together and show your support to Gaza people, and protest against Israel's one-sided war against civilians

Abu-Trika is an Egyptian football player who received warnings from FIFA, for wearing a shirt saying "Sympathize With Gaza".
All Facebook groups dedicated to the player were closed, and not a single image of the shirt can be found on Google nor Yahoo. However, we are not here to celebrate Abu-Trika's outstanding deed, for I'm sure many of us hold utmost respect towards him, but we're here to support a cause.
The thing is, as I was surfing Facebook searching for a group or cause that supports Gaza, the results I got were shocking. I found lots of groups, with titles badly written and/or people fighting on the walls of these groups over political differences, forgetting the real reason behind them joining the group in the first place.
On the other hand, I browsed the causes on this application, and found no causes representing the current events happening in Gaza; yet, what's worse is, I found more than 120000 members supporting Animal Rights, and an Israeli cause on the top browsed causes with more than 22000 members whining over "a single prisoner"!
Not a single Palestinian cause ranked the list, in fact, I don't remember finding any!
I started this cause because I want the world to know, we don't need to talk, we don't want to fight over different political issues, we… as members of this cause, just want to show our support by joining in, inviting others, and through sharing helpful contributions.

Please invite as much people as you can, the higher this ranks, the more people will realize how much Gaza means to us. This is not a popularity contest, we need to gather as much people possible!
Finally, I'd like to thank Abu Trika for representing many of us out there through his iconic courage to deliver a msg to the world:




1. Unite in one place, to cast a stronger voice.

2. Share positive ideas and talk about positive deeds and actions done by you or anyone you know

3. Share names of charities, humanitarian organizations and other means of providing aid to our people in Gaza

4. Recruit as much people as you can, the more people come in, the higher the cause ranks in popularity, the more people get to hear about it.