To raise awareness of the problems elephants are facing in Thailand

The purpose of this group is to promote awareness of the horrible conditions that elephants in Thailand are facing, such as being underfed and dehydrated while being forced to perform, beg for money, or give
rides on the streets of Thailand. Elephants that do not live in the cities either have no place to live because the forests are disappearing for the advancement of civilization or are subjected to torturous "breaking" when needed to work for the villages.

Fortunately, there is at least one organization that is looking out for them. The Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai, Thailand takes abused elephants, cares for them, and gives them a sanctuary where they are saved from working in bad conditions and starvation.

You may want to visit their website at http://www.elephantnaturepark.org.

At this website, you can learn more about the Elephant Nature Park, donate to their cause, and even sign up to volunteer with the elephants when you visit Thailand.

This is a truly remarkable organization that needs your help. Please invite all of your friends and aid us in spreading awareness.

Photo credit to Brittany Nisly.

1. Elephants should not be forced to beg for money on the streets of Thailand.

2. Elephants should not be abused when being trained.

3. Elephants should not be poached for ivory or their calves.

4. Elephants should have a safe place to live. The forests should be reserved for them and should not be extensively harvested.

5. People should be working on how to save elephants from being endangered and make sure that domesticated elephants are properly cared for.