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Help Make this Knighthood A Reality!!!

If you appreciate this band and love what they have given us all these years then PLEASE help me get them the honour they deserve!!! A knighthood!!! Just by joining this cause....and spreading the word to as many peeps as you can!! You can even post this link to other websites! YOU CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! THE MORE PEEPS YOU INFORM ABOUT IT THE BETTER!!! \m/\m/
Please join and spread the word!!!!! Black Sabbath will always be Tony, Geezer, Ozzy AND Bill!! No matter what happens!! You can't change that fact!!! So let's help make this Knighthood a REALITY!!! Don't let the latest events stop you!!! We need to honour them ALL!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS BLACK SABBATH!! \m/\m/


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