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New supporting page for Wolfpack!!

Hallo and Good day to all my Special and caring friends. I have created a seperate page called Wolfpack. Which has a link of of my profile page. Please post any pictures,information,stories,petitions and concerns here. Nothing will be removed and this page will in the future be a place of resource for all members. Thank you all very much. Have a great day. May the howl of the Wolf be forever preserved and echoed in our subconcious as a guide through life!
Okay many hours trying to get this right. I apologize the new page supporting wolfpack also called wolpack has been impossible for you all to find. When on facebook just google wolfpack in facebooks google window and it will ccome up with the wolpack picture and caption of non profit organization then just click on that and when on the page give me a like and make a comment. Post all wolf related material there. This will be our community resource a library you can always go back to. Thank you Please help with this page. Good day


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