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Hey other Miniwanca goers, please feel free to share your stories as well! :)


Hey there everyone! So I reviewed all the donating info and I am not able to make it so that you can donate money on here, unfortunately. So i'm going to try and make it as simple as I can. If you feel like you want to donate some money, let me know and I…Read More


Ok, so I was notified that giving money to this cause is not working. I looked up how to fix the problem, and on Causes, you have to be a registered nonprofit organization to raise money. Now, I have no problem doing that, but it might take some time, and I'm…Read More

A Dollar Goes A Long Way

Hey everyone! Just would like to put something out there. If everyone just donated a dollar, and we got a lot of people to join, then i'm sure that our goal would be reached in no time! Thanks for the help everyone!

A few thoughts

Hey everyone! I just thought I would share a little bit about why this camp is so important to me and why I want to go back so badly. To start things off, I will give you a little bit of a background on myself. Before I went to camp for the first year, I was…Read More

Add away!

Please send this to everyone you know! And ask them to send it to everyone THEY know! :)

Meaning Behind the Logo

For me, Melissa, this is the most important thing in my life right now. I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend this camp every year. This year I need help. Please help me get back. I am willing to explain the significance of this in my life if anyone…Read More
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