Coalition Against Detainee Abuse was set up in the wake of a US Supreme Court decision which was widely decried by human rights legal experts as granting excessive power to police agencies in the US with regard to prisoner searches. The group was originally named Coalition Against Strip Search Abuse. However, the name might be put-offish and the  level of support has not been nearly as vigorous as other causes such as the Alliance to TEACH, which is an umbrella for public health related causes.

Detainee abuse of any kind is a public health problem Synergies have been available as the umbrella Alliance to Teach now supports Action Versus Infectious Disease, Save the Dogs, Action Versus Tuberculosis and Americana Gun Policy. All of these are public or community health issues.{You are of course cordially invited to join any or all of them and administrators are always needed.}

Violence and abuse of any kind are public health concerns, whether they are perpetrated by private or state actors. There is strength in application of public health science to the problem. The unfortunate incidents which critics of the Supreme Court strip search opinion complain are epidemic exacerbated by conditions in the jails.

We invuie lawyers, prosecutors, judges, law professors and anyone who believes in the rule of law and the dignity of the human person. PHOTO: Jesus being arrested. Stolen painting recovered by German police. Carravaggio, "The Taking of Christ". Wikicommons CCL 2.0 [hidden\