Human rights activist Yusak Pakage ILL PRISONERS IN the Jayapura, West Papua

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Reframing the Task of Protection and Advocacy

Coalition Against Detainee Abuse ( was set up in the wake of a US Supreme Court decision which was widely decried by human rights legal experts as granting excessive power to police…Read More

US Supreme Court rules add to state abuse; join Coalition Against Detainee Abuse

The US Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement can strip search suspects. Is that okay with you? . April 18, 2012 Clin Psych news comes out against SSA (strip search…Read More

Stop unsafe unhealthy jails conditions!

Know Your Rights...Know Your Legal History...Join this Cause...Learn about this Outrageous Stark County, Ohio Steffey case

This woman was a crime victim mistakenly apprehended and thereafter subject to a search in which her clothing was removed by officers of both genders. She was very upset and you might prefer to read the article and skip the video. The search was apparently…Read More
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