Free Chris Diaz from 3 Years in Texas Prison for Possession 1-4 Grams of Medical Hash/Cannabis Free Chris Diaz to go Home to California

Below is a letter from Chris Diaz in the Brown Co. Texas Jail, written on 3.10.12 and received by Chris' Mom on 3.13.12, the same day Chris was moved to "The Hole" and the last time Chris' Mom spoke with him. Thank You....

Christopher Writes:

It has now been over four months since I have seen my children or been with my family. The days keep passing by, I sit & sit & sit waiting for help. Waiting for the day & time I will be back with my family. In the past four months I have become extremely malnourished by being poisoned and forced to live under extreme conditions. Being treated worse than a murderer, rapist, child molester or one who has harmed another human being. I have not harmed another human being, yet I am continuously being harmed, day after day. I NEED HELP! These people (Murray, Ellis, Grubbs) are trying to kill me. They care not about how sick I am, how malnourished I am, what my needs are or even the damage they are doing to my family. The sad part is who is going to do something to stop them or to change what is going on? Another sad and fucked up thing is I don't use drugs! I have never even seen meth, speed, ice, heroin! I've never used cocaine or acid. I also do not use prescription or even non-prescription DRUGS. I am a naturalist, organic human being. I do not use DRUGS!

One hundred and sixty eight hours in a week and only three of them are offered, a week, for outside recreation time. Meaning, one hundred and sixty five hours are spent in a 26'Lx20'Wx15'H, eight man cell. Sunday through Thursday the lights and T.V. are turned off between 10:30 and 11:00 pm and usually by midnight on Friday and Saturday. The lights and T.V. are turned on by 4:00 am, everyday. So, of the one hundred sixty eight hours in a week, one hundred and thirty five are spent locked in a (26x20x15) cell with the T.V. and artificial lights on. Innocent until proven guilty, so they say. What a horrible way to treat innocent people and against their will at that. Telling the inmates to go to bed or they will be put in a 10'Lx6'W segragated cell.

To; The Texas Board of Parole Members

Dear Members,
We are writing to you regarding a one Christopher Diaz (22) who has been sentenced to three years in the TDCJ-ID system for possession of a controlled substance,(1-4 grams) a derivative of marijuana, hash, a non-violent crime. We are asking you to grant Christopher's parole out of the Brown County Jail, not subjecting him to prison for a non-violent offense. Christopher is a Medical Cannabis patient in California, where he lives. Please allow Christopher to return home to California.
Furthermore, we are aware that Christopher will have accrued all of some eight months. (240 days, 111 of which were spent in solitary confinement). Eligibility, we believe, is eminent for a first-time/non-violent offender.
Christopher is a loving father of two beautiful children who cares nothing more than being with them now. This is a young man that has performed the most amazing tolerant acts. We feel that subjecting Christopher to the Texas prison system will harm this gentle, loving, young father.
We again ask you, with deepest respect, to have compassion on Christopher Diaz

Sincerely and Respectively,