I want to seek justice against police murder /police brutality, and to make them face up to the consequences instead of hiding behind the LAW!!!!!

On the 3rd of March 2012 another innocent man was taken by the arms of the police. Anthony Grainger was sat in a vehicle on a car park in Culceth. The police had swooped in taken out his tires, deployed a CS gas canister and shot him. The fatal shot entered his side, piercing his lung, the trunk of the heart and his other lung which only suggests that he was in the defensive position at the time of the shooting. There was no weapons in or around the vehicle and the only ‘evidence’ that the police had, is that one of Anthony’s friends had been seen loading a hacksaw into his own vehicle a few days previous. Substantial enough for murder? I think not. Now I know many people have the comments he was in a stolen vehicle at the time, but not many people know that there is no evidence to prove he even knew the vehicle was stolen, he had a key. How many times when you get into a car do you check the registration to check if it’s stolen? I know I borrow cars quite often and I never check. I know a few people who have been pulled over, due to hire car lenders loaning out cloned vehicles. And, even if he knew the vehicle was stolen, what grounds are there then? Rapists and paedophiles walk the streets, but yet Anthony, only ever had two criminal convictions for handling stolen goods, one being over 11 years ago, was shot at when he showed no harm to the police nor the public. What I am basically getting at, is why do we not hear about the other cases where this has happened until something like this happens to someone you love and care about? You hear stories of ‘man killed by police in shoot out.’ ‘Armed robber is shot by police.’ ‘Suspected terrorist shot by police.’ The difference is when you actually look up on these stories; you can start to read between the lines. What we want to do as a campaign, as a family, is put an end to police brutality. There has been over 600 innocent people lose their life in police custody and not one police officer held accountable for this. A few of these cases are as follows;
JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES – Shot 7 times in the back of the head. A suspected terrorist because he was wearing a bubble coat. ‘Suprisingly’ No CCTV footage is available in one of the busiest train stations.
STEPHEN WALDORF – Was sat in the rear of his friend’s mini. When it was pulled over he was shot at continuously.
HARRY STANLEY – Was walking home with a table leg in a black bin liner after it had been repaired. He was also challenged from behind.
IAN TOMLINSON – Passing through the London riots (with no involvement) and was challenged and killed.
ROGER ANTHONY – A 61 year old man killed by a police taser gun after he failed to stop on his bicycle. The police failed to realise that he was deaf.
There are many other cases and obviously far too many to mention all of them, this is a call out to all of you who think the law is always doing right for our community. There are too many people who are blinded by our justice system and do not understand the level of corruption which is passing us by each and every day. If police men and women knew that if they had to kill a person, if it came to light that there was no real justification for that, they should be held accountable like every other human being in this world, then maybe they would not be so willing to kill unaccordingly. If all these cases had been brought to light sooner and the public heard of this terrible misconduct then maybe this could have been stopped sooner. Maybe Anthony would still be here. We know we cannot bring him back but we hope that in his name we can help put a stop to this. Stop somebody else from losing their father, their partner, their son. You may think that this could never happen to you, but so did we, so did Sean Riggs family, so did Christopher Alders, so did