To encourage elimination of all veto power in the United Nations, so all decisions are made fairly

This is to eliminate the use of veto power in the United Nations Security Council, and create fair decisions and equal influence among nation states in the United Nations.

This cause is to promote the idea of eliminating all veto power from the United Nations,as the veto power is an unfair and unnecessary component.
This is not to discriminate against the five veto nations,it is to promote equality among all the nations in the UN and fair decisions.No nation should have more or less influence based on any specifications,such as economic wealth or helping to start this organization of equality among nations.

An example of why this needs to be eliminated is the fact that every time a decision is reached on whether the UN should intervene between isreal and palestine,one nation uses their veto power to over rule the decision.The veto power is limiting the UN's ability to act ,which we all know is one of the downfalls of the organization In order for the United Nations to be more productive, the veto power must be eliminated,so it does not stop the UN's ability to act,based on the will of one nation.

1. No nation state should have veto power

2. All nations are equal within the United Nations

3. The influence of a nation should not be determined by the length of their time in the UN, their economic power, or any other specifications.

4. To respect the group decisions made by the UN General Assembly and Security Council