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Leverage social networking to reduce homelessness-related suffering. Join us! We highly recommend advocates watch all six of the videos posted on YouTube in which Jacob Richards Advocate/Activist shares his expertise. He is founder of 'Housing First! Support No More Deaths...

Why Teach Everywhere About Cough Hygiene? Because homeless shelters" need to improve infection control "Before Not After the Crisis" which may be coming our way for the 2012-2013 flu season. There is currently an outbreak of lethal mutated influenza in eight provinces in India; the pending London Olympics may be a venue for a spiral of transmission. If so, the shelters and warming centers worldwide will be endangered. But the good news is YOU can help make a difference! We also encourage your membership and active participation in

Anti-homeless project saves L.A. County money, study finds
June 7, 2012 | 5:01 am

An ambitious program to provide permanent housing to some of Los Angeles County's most hard-core homeless more than paid for itself, yielding a net savings of $238,700 over two years, officials say.

That is equivalent to $4,774 for each apartment provided under Project 50, according to a report that will be presented at a meeting Thursday of the Los Angeles County Interdepartmental Council on Homelessness.

The findings support a growing consensus across the country that getting the most entrenched street dwellers into permanent homes and providing them the services they need to stay off the streets can save municipalities money.


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