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PETITION: Tell the VA to Support Therapy Using Service Dogs to Help Vets Recovering from PTSD

To: The Department of Veteran Affairs and the Senate Committee considering H.R. 2074

A service dog trained to assist a veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) can literally be a lifesaver. Preliminary studies have shown that 82% of PTSD patients given dogs reported a reduction in symptoms. With 18 vets committing suicide every day and projections that 20% of returning vets will suffer from PTSD, better resources are needed to help veterans with mental health issues.

We, the signers, request that H.R. 2074 provide resources broader than just a pilot program to pair veterans with service dogs. The VA should work with local dog training and adoption organizations that already have experience providing service dogs for PTSD victims, benefitting from their expertise. By providing this type of compassionate alternative care, the VA can help treat vets with PTSD, and hopefully reduce instances of suicide as a result of mental illness.

1,423People signed the petition as of this post.
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