To promote rowing in secondary schools around the nation.

For all who would like more than just the typical old football, baseball, wrestling, etc., and would like to add something truly fulfilling to their school. For all who want a non-violent, highly social, co-ed sport that will get them into great shape. For all those who want a sport with numerous options. For all who want to be able to say "I worked hard, and it was worth every second." Because believe me, all rowers feel this way at some point, and they want that feeling again, and again, and again, so they savor every race, and wear every medal with pride.

1. Rowing adds variety to the cliche-filled athletic programs of American high schools.

2. Rowing is an excellent way improve teamwork and cooperation between all kinds of people.

3. Rowing improves endurance, strength, posture, and self-esteem, while decreasing body fat.

4. Rowing is easily learned, and is thereby reccomendable to everyone.

5. Rowing is fun.