To Love and Serve the Lord! Thanks be to God!

NCKCYM was first formed 1996 as a joint venture, a youth summer camp, between the four major Korean Catholic churches in Northern California. It has since grown as a separate, independent organization that seeks to educate and spiritually nourish the Korean Catholic population.

NCKCYM nurtures the youth into strong adults that will serve as the pillars of their community. We do this by organizing events, such as praise nights, retreats, sports tournaments, fundraisers, and our flagship event - the annual NCKCYM Summer Camp.

We also seek to shape young adults into mature, responsible figures by employing them as counselors. The experience of serving helps solidify our volunteers as servants of their community and God. As our students graduate high school, they’re given the opportunity to keep the cycle going by entering into service as well.

As a Catholic organization, we emphasize the importance of God and the Church as ironclad spiritual foundations to build morality, principles, and knowledge upon. As a Korean organization, we seek to keep our communities unified beyond city limits as a single group with a strong voice.

NCKCYM exists to make our students and volunteers into more responsible, caring individuals that can better serve their parishes and their communities.