Benefit RAFFLE Tickets/Prize List! NOW AVAILABLE.

* Nikki Benefit 'Raffle Tickets' are now available!! * Only $5.oo, each, and for a GREAT Cause (Nikki and her kiddos)! * View the List of Prizes, here: (updated at least twice, daily). *If you wish to…Read More

We Have An IMMEDIATE NEED! Please Help!?

!! "NIKKI JOHNSON CAUSE" NEED, friends !! HELP ?!? Friend(s), we are in specific need of 'Gift Cards' to (for example): Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, etc. (anywhere, really) ... for the Nikki Cause, and the ongoing efforts to help. * A convenient and EASY way…Read More

IMPORTANT: MUST SEE / SHARE!! Flyer and info. "BENEFIT EVENT for NIKKI and her kiddos!"

CHECK THIS OUT !! ~ Who: Friends of Nikki (that means YOU). :-) ~ What: Benefit Concert and Art Auction/Sale for Nikki! ~ Where: @ The Village (210 W.26th St., Downtown Bryan, TX) ~ When: May 1st ... 8pm - 12 am. ~ Why: To help raise fund for Nikki and her…Read More

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends of Nikki !! :-)

HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS!!! :-D PLEASE keep Nikki and her 4 little boys in your thoughts?! $10 would REALLY help right now. Her need is still there, now, more than ever. Here's the link. It's easy to use: No Paypal account is needed! Just…Read More

'THANK YOU's all around!! Incredible support!

We have several 'THANK YOU's to pass out, and we hope you'll join us in our deep appreciation to the following: A very special THANK YOU to Mr. Randy French and Mr. Eric Walley, with STYLE-CRAFT BUILDERS on Hwy. 6 in College Station (Hwy 6 South and Eagle).…Read More

Visit ... and share it with your friends! :-D

We are pleased to announce a new HUB for helping Nikki out, friends! Please visit, now! It's well 'Under Construction' but MUCH info is in place, and it is growing by the hour ... Nikki's Cause is noble, Nikki's website is out there,…Read More

Benefit Wrist Bands, now available!! SHOW your support for Nikki ... 'in STYLE!!' ;-)

Pre-purchase your Limited Edition "" Benefit Wrist Bands, NOW ... Only $5 each, while they last! :-) Use this link to purchase: And, FREE Mailing to your door, easy! Any U.S. mailing address. Or, we can deliver,…Read More
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