A initiative by Indian & Pakistani University Students around the World for India-Pakistan Peace and to disseminate messages of love across the border.

Isn’t it really stupid that we (Indians And Pakistanis) look the same, speak the same, eat the same, share similar interests and yet some how hate each other?

Some how we have managed to have 4 wars already and even after thousands of lives, and billions of dollars worth of direct and opportunity cost losses to both sides, somehow we still have not learnt anything....
Do we really want to have another war?

“Romancing The Border” is an awesome student led initiative by Indian And Pakistani students from around Universities around the world to exchange messages of peace and love with each other. To push for cultural and academic ties across the border, and to provide a social media platform for people of both countries to see how similar we are in every aspect.

Romancing The border will feature blogs, campaigns, stories, testimonials and much more!!You can be part of our cause and help us ROMANCE Supposedly the “Most Dangerous Border in The World” (The Economist) in the following simple ways:

1)Are you an Indian and have a good Pakistani Friend? (Or Vice Versa) If yes then post your picture with a nice caption here and celebrate your friendship by sending out a message of peace and love!
2) Share one of our many photos which we will post here on this event, on your walls or your friends walls and help us spread messages of love and peace.
3)Post your pictures with your own personalized messages or put one of our catchy slogans on your picture and share it here and with your friends and family!

No one’s really too small to make a difference and even if you help spread a few messages of peace and love, we will be happy.Check out Our Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.180341908734265.28806.158942960874160&type=3And Stay tuned for our Web Site!

In 5 Minutes you can watch a Music Video.
In 5 minutes you answer 5 e-mails.
In 5 minutes you can make 5 phone calls
In 5 Minutes you can read a news article on India-Pakistan hate.
In 5 minutes you can post and share a photo which change someone’s viewpoint forever.
Do the Duty! Help us Romance the India-Pakistan Border!