Campaign for sponsorship and funding for a Shelter that's badly needed for a "million" cats abandoned and left behind by their owners in Montreal, Quebec C.A. to fend for themselves on the streets. The cat's have to be fixed to stop reproducing. C.A.S.C.A. relies on volunteers that work all day long - with compassion and dedication to help the cats on the street.

The cats badly need foster homes or become adopted and all of the cats desperately require immediate health care!

People are using B B guns to shoot cats for target practice and many are injured or very sick. Please donate or ask your friends to join and create awareness.

Campaigning to help C.A.S.C.A. to raise enough money to build a huge Shelter for Cats in Montreal, QC. Every single penny helps!!

There are ONE MILLION CATS IN MONTREAL THAT ARE HOMELESS; require funding, awareness, and educating the public on the horrific abuse and abandonment of cats in Montreal and outer limits of Montreal. Please help; there are no policies and legislation for making owners responsible. C.A.S.C.A. needs funds to build a Shelter for the millions of homeless cats. Please help, CAT SHELTER NEEDED IN MONTREAL, QC. Everybody working for C.A.S.C.A are Volunteers. Please help!



Micheline (514) 425-3937
Françoise (450) 424-5485
Grace (514) 683-9416

We can be reached everyday until 8:00 pm.

E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: (450) 455-9028

Campaign by Federation of Indigenous Women Canada