To let justice prevail without being tried in the press for a crime which George Zimmerman has never been charged with.

In the State of Florida it is legal to carry a concealed firearm so long as you have a permit to do so. To get a permit you have to apply to the State government (not local) and be screened with a Level II FBI background check which looks for any problems anywhere in the USA. If you fail the background check your local law enforcement office is notified that you may be considered to be a felon with a gun. You can expect a visit from your local police department...

For those who do decide to carry a concealed firearm for protection against those who would attempt to hurt you there comes a grave responsibility. Namely you understand that the only acceptable reason for drawing and firing your firearm is in a legal defense of yourself or loved ones from those who would intend to do you intentional harm. Anyone who chooses to avail themselves of this kind of protection knows that if you fire or even draw your weapon you can expect to be arrested at the very least and may very well be fighting off a criminal court case if there is any doubt that you fired in self defense.

So why would anyone carry a legal concealed firearm? Maybe because you don't feel like being a victim or just like living to a nice age where you can die in your bed at home after a long life?

So now we advance to a case where a citizen drew a firearm and shot a man who attacked him while performing a very admirable free service to the community of being a Neighborhood Watch volunteer. The "facts" of this case are being tossed around by the news media in a manner to cause dissension among those who purport to believe that a person is "Innocent until proven guilty."

The real facts will only be presented in a bonafide court of law if he is ever charged with a crime. People should take notice that a USA police department chose not to prosecute him because they did not believe that a crime had been committed. Otherwise George Zimmerman would be in the county jail awaiting trial.

Lets give George Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt and not act like a bunch of racist zealots out to burn a witch at the stake for issues unrelated to the issue at hand!