If Parent's were better informed of their rights, less kids would be taken out of loving homes, due to parents feeling bullied into signing away their rights.

(Emotional Duress: http://www.reference.com/motif/health/emotional-duress)

The day our son was taken, we felt "forced into" signing a safety plan (which gives up your constitutional rights). We didn't know our rights at the time. If we had, things would've turned out different. After 2 years of doing everything they asked & more, it wasn't good enough. After a 4 day Trial, then waiting for the decision for over a month, we lost our battle. We appealed, but unfortunately our Appeal was denied, with only about a paragraph explanation. There's not a minute that passes that we don't think of him. If things don't change within Child Protective Services quickly, more kids will be taken into foster care/adopted, put on strong, unneeded medicines, age out of the system and become homeless or incarcerated and more. It's sad, but true. www.stateintegrity.org Maine received a "F" for Corruption. These statistics are scarey, just imagine how our children feel.