Has CPS/Family Court Terminated your Parental Rights unjustly?

Yes they did & I'm trying to find a way to get my child(ren) back. (80% people answered this) Yes they did, but I am appealing that decision (waiting for results). (19% people answered this) 56 people voted. If Parent's were better informed of their…Read More

Get @piersmorgan @PiersTonight @CNN to talk about Family court & CPS Reform! #sharingmumdad

Attatchmnent Disorder or Reactive Attatchment Disorder (RAD)?

RIP "Victim of Attachment Therapy, Chelsea, Maine, Killed January 2001 at age 5... After this horrific incident, Maine Child Protective Services vowed to do better after a Caseworker, Sally Schofield, became the Foster parent of a sweet little girl, then…Read More

Hope for Maine Families

M.R.S.A. 22 ch. 4059 ---> Reinstatement of Parental Rights Statute. This Statute was just passed at the end of 2011! It does not take away your Termination of Parental Rights, it just realizes that parents can change for the better over a period of time.…Read More

Parents Educate yourself!

If you think that CPS wont come to investigate you, think again! It has become an epidemic. Our children are being ripped away from the very people that gave birth & raised them! False allegations, Lies, Twisted words, etc.. Anyone who's been involved…Read More


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