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A Pity Party!!! Great Idea

I have to get with Bev at Animal Control but we are planning a Pity Party! We are going to invite people to get to know the breed as the sweet and loving animals they are...anyone who knows me, knows that I will send a dare out to the non believers to come and pet them....If you are in the position to do so, I hope that some of you will do the same thing...I encourage everyone to do what they can so that we can dismiss the stigma and bad reputation of Pits....
This past weekend, I volunteered with a pet adoption and we had a pit mix...such a sweet little boy. I had a lady to come in, she asked a few questions about the dogs we had and when I told her about the pit mix she replied, "I dont know about pits, I have heard they turn on their owners"...of course I corrected her, lol...I am stoked about having a Pity Party!


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