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Update on February 03, 2013


So many comments about the Anzacs and their involvement in shaping our
Country, their sacrifice in many Conflicts plus 80% of comment stating they
gave ALL for Australia and the Flag.

On the other side, is the Negatives & Knockers from those who dispute; Our
Anzacs went to War under our Australian Flag.

To this date, one is of the understanding our Anzacs did sign up in
Australia and represented our Flag during WW1 & WW2. They made a Huge
Sacrifice to the Flag and our Nation, I for one and not alone do, Respect
and Honour ALL Men and Women of our Services, for they made me Proud to be
called Australian.

This Cause is to KEEP the National Flag as it is. Show respect to those who
made our Great Nation (Australia) FREE today and to show those who want a
change, NO – Leave Our Flag Alone.

Countless emails of support, Over 10,000 Signed the Petition and many more
visiting our Keep Anzac Day Out of Politics ( (
) We have posted up on this site a series of WW1 & 2 Australian Flags which
show you the History of our National Flag.

This Image you see (Above) in this Update is just one of many, please show
your support and visit plus tell friends to sign up, we do need to prove to the
Federal Government (Hands off the Flag)

Thank you and we hope you will share with me in honouring those on Anzac
Day. 25th April.

Lest We Forget

This is the Poster on 1919 Anzac Day Memorial Day (Visit the Link within) to
see 20 More Historic Flags Images.

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