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Update on February 07, 2013


FREE Aussie Flag - Did you know?

The Federal Government has a publication and offer to ALL
Australians who wish to Obtain Our Nations Flag.

flags can
be obtained free of charge through the Constituents' Request

by contacting the electorate office of your local Senator or Member of the

of Representatives.

Reference: (

you know, Ausflag is a real threat to changing Our National Flag?

is why we have formed this Petition, as the Federal Government Flags Act 1998

The Flags Amendment Act 1998 places the authority to change
the design of the Australian National Flag firmly in the hands of the
Australian people who own and are represented by it.

The Australian National Flag
stands for freedom of speech, parliamentary democracy, rule of law,
egalitarianism and the courage and sacrifice of the ANZACS. It also represents
our geographic position in the southern hemisphere with the Southern Cross
while the Commonwealth Star represents Australia's federation of States and

The Australian National Flag is a positive
reflection of the values and ideals that have been the bedrock of a society and
a system of Government that are among the most envied in the world.

Remember April 25th Lest We Forget, please Visit
your Members office and obtain for yourself and Children a National Flag to
show those Brave ANZACS & others who have Served our proud Country; we will
Remember Them.

Finally, please post this on your Wall in Facebook or
Twitter, as we need to Stand United in Support of our National Flag.


Teresa Bayes

(Cause Founder)

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