From being addressed as "African-American" to being properly addressed as "AfreMericans"

I have written out a complete argument/proclamation on behalf of all the, deceased Ancestors and, their descendants, concerning,the American (black slave) trade. As we have all fallen victim to a misplaced family or, racial identity it is my duty to insight a motion that "wE pEople" be addressed as "a free American" people, to wit "AfreMericans" due "The Emancipation proclamation" being signed and decreeded by, "The President of , The United States of America, Mr. Abraham Lincoln in, 1865 that freed all black me and, their women and, children from the American institution of free labor bondage as well as , which divided this country and, thus it into its only civil war.. If a black man or a woman refers to them selves as "African" then its fitting that they know what country or village they belong to in Africa. If a black man or woman refers to them selves as American, it is also fitting that they know what plantation their folks were held against their will on and, who those people were that detained them as they may be their caucasian family members through much inter-course activity with the help, both unrequited, as well as requited in some instances. Thus "African- American." I will need at least "50,000 signatures, in order to get a Bill to the floor of, "The House of Representatives". Will you help me help us get our dignity back? Thank you!