We are still at 20 states with no law on the books, so I am still fighting. Havent figured out what the next move is YET but I am not giving up. TEXAS I'm making you my pet project!!!!!!!

20 states

We are down to only 20 states that DO NOT have laws on the books to lower the flag to half staff or half mast. SO..... I am stepping it up. I am going to do some more reserch and see about starting some physical petitions. I will keep you all updated. Again…Read More


There are now only 21 states that do not lower the flag when a soldier is KIA. Those states include Indiana and Texas. I have resent the letter to 10 of the 21 states. I believe we are making headway. I was contacted by FOX10 news in Florida however they did…Read More

Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President, First Let me thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I cannot tell you how important this issue is to myself and many people around me. I have a son who is a private in the United States Army and a brother who is a Lt. Col. In…Read More

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