This is Bennie and Lilley. Bennie is a 1 year old that was hit by a car, on a HWY in Bonifay and an angel picked him up and posted him on FB, and we got him help. His leg was broken and unfortunately his shoulder was totally shattered. We had to have his leg and most of his shoulder amputated a bit over 3.5 weeks ago and he is doing great! With Bennie is Lilley. Lilley is actually she is much taller than Bennie although when she arrived she weighed 27.5 lbs she was so emaciated. She is now closer to 68. She is gaining slowly, it is crucial that she not gain so quickly as to prevent her ability to gain muscle mass in her legs and eventually be able to walk. I hope and pray someday she will run. She was held in place by breeders and has total muscle atrophy and could not walk at all. She acted as though human touch was the most foreign thing in the world. Now she is getting around a bit better everyday and plays with Bennie and even holds her own when he tries to take her bed...lol They are healing together and they are very loved. Honestly I feel they have been through so much that I am keeping them both. They are good for each other, close in age and are learning to love and to be loved; their bodies are healing and their hearts are as well. ♥ This is a small window into what we do, if you wish to help our paypal is [email protected] any amount helps. Our vet is Dr. Carla Hubbard of Critter Care, Inc. ONLY. She is a savior and has very selflessly taken payments from us, although our debts to her are HUGE. We are in the Panhandle of Florida and UPDATE!!!! Code enforcement with animal control came and forced us to put Bennie into Foster Care! They were separated as a result of cruel and harmful code enforcement regulations that prevent more than 6 animals at ANY residence! As a result of Bennie's recovery, he was forced out! We are begging for an exemption to bring Bennie HOME!!