I am so glad to see there are new members! Now we still need more. Prayers are stronger in numbers! She is growing so fast and the teenage age range growing over into adulthood is so difficult, but even harder when you have medical problems on top of that.…Read More

Power in numbers!

We join every known cause to man. Now, if you guys get your friends and all of us say one prayer for this family once a day, imagine the power of those prayers. This is the family I would nominate to be survivors and really deserve our support. God bless.

I know there are some Soul supporters

Help this family by giving this beautiful little girl the best gift of Everyday challenges we take for granted are mountains for some to overcome. Your prayers and support for her and her family are priceless, please join.

Precious little girl

Let us do not forget to continue to pray for this family. A small prayer is worth everything. They continue to struggle and come out victorious. I so admire this family and I love my best friend Teresa like a sis. Let us all say a small prayer for this…Read More
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