Website Issues

Hey everyone, just found out that my web hosting somehow lapsed, so the website was completely lost with my hard drive crash a few weeks ago. I will be rebuilding the page and will send out an announcement once the new (and improved) version…Read More

Thanks for Joining

Thank you so much for joining the cause I started, Justice for David Correa. As I'm sure you know now, David is my uncle and my goal is to get as many people as possible to join this club. The more people networked in, the better the chance of finding someone…Read More

Please take a minute to read David's story,

David Correa is a first time nonviolent drug law violator. The Federal Government indicted him for conspiracy to possess five kilograms of cocaine. In his trial, a jury found Correa guilty of the conspiracy as charged in the indictment. From this charge,…Read More


Thank you all for joining. David is a member of my family and my family and I want nothing more but to see him come home. He made mistakes as a young man and has served his time, now it is time for him to be free. Please invite as many people as you can to…Read More
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